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Seattle Arts and Lectures


Seattle Arts and Lectures presents Madhur Jaffrey on Nov 19th at 7:30 pm. Click below for details:



Seattle Arts Museum

We catered for Annual Diwali Ball at SAM



Went back to Saffron again today (I really recommend coming from the east, not the west!), and it was an even lovelier experience than I'd remembered.  The same staff was just as perfect, and the prices were very reasonable.  This time I resisted the Indian food and went for the falafel wrap, which was huge and good for only $5.99.  The waitress asked if I would like a little hot sauce for it, but was happily willing to bring me some extra tahini sauce instead.  

I was so relaxed when I left, I felt like I'd had a massage or something!  When I mentioned that to a couple who were leaving at the same time I was, they agreed that it was a really nice and relaxing atmosphere.

So - don't expect super fancy, but you'll get super food for a super price, with just about the best staff around.  And that's really important to me when I eat out.



"For the last 15 years I have enjoyed Muhammad Bhatti's wonderful restaurant, Cedars. Mr. Muhammad is back and better than ever in his new location !" ...City Search


"This is our new go-to place for Indian Food"....Yelp


Journal Newspapers -
Sep 2nd 2008
New Saffron Grill is a culinary treat


South Asia Center-
Keith Snodgrass



Happy Hour in Northgate


Journal Newspapers
Saffron Grill

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