While Saffron Grill may be new, owner Mohammed Bhatti has over 20 years’ experience serving Zagat-rated Indian and Mediterranean restaurants in both Seattle and Chicago area. His culinary reach extends to the exquisite Indian cuisine, Taste of India on Roosevelt Way, which is run by his son, Mohammed Arfan. Your family and friends will delight in discovering new, innovative dishes expertly prepared by our chef, whose passion and expertise is unparalleled.

Embarking on an unprecedented culinary journey, Mr. Bhatti presents authentic Indian and Mediterranean cuisine in a contemporary, innovative way, appealing to today's sophisticated diner, Indian and non-Indian alike.

Mr. Bhatti and his chef designed Saffron Grill's menu with inspiration from their own culinary experiences. By staying true to the core of recipes that have been passed on to them, they have been able to maintain authenticity while creating unique flavor profiles and stimulating presentations. Mr. Bhatti and his chef worked tirelessly to perfect the restaurant's menu and overall design in order to take the diner on a culinary and cultural journey. All the senses are summoned to the table, connecting the mind, body and spirit.

Unlike most restaurants that specialize in Indian cuisine, Mr. Bhatti did not limit his dishes to one region of the vast country, but instead the menu reflects an unparalleled dining experience that involves exotic dishes from India, as well as the distinct dishes from the Middle East. Mr. Bhatti’s menu is both intriguing and inviting to the newcomer, while remaining authentic to most familiar palate.

He is responsible for the interior design of the restaurant, which combines traditional Indian décor with sophistication and contemporary style to create an environment that accurately reflects and supports Saffron Grill's innovative menu. The entire restaurant features the signature dishes from the aromatic fragrance and the yellow-orange hues of the saffron.

In an attempt to have Saffron Grill live up to its definition of perpetual motion and energy, Mr. Bhatti has managed to awaken the inner soul through colorful ambience, rich palette and complex tastes.


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